Dove Season

Dove Season

Dove season begins September 5, so I wanted to share some hunting safety tips! Hunting is a lot of fun, but being safe is the most important thing when it comes to hunting. Proper training will ensure that you have a wonderful hunting experience.

When it comes to firearm safety, remember the acronym ACTT. According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, ACTT stands for:

“A – Always treat every firearm as if it were loaded.

“C – Control the muzzle of the firearm at all times.

“T – Be certain of the Target and what is in front of it and beyond it.

“T – Keep your finger outside of the Trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.”

Another piece of advice relates to the clothing you wear. Of course you want to be comfortable, but please remember to wear high visibility clothing, such as a fluorescent orange vest. These vests will help you keep safe so that other hunters will see you.

Are you up-to-date on your hunting certificate? According to the Georgia DNR, anyone, resident or non-resident, “born on or after January 1, 1961 must successfully complete a hunter education course prior to purchasing a season hunting license.” The requirements are also different for each age group, so please visit the Georgia DNR website to make sure you are fulfilling the law. These days, it is VERY easy to successfully complete an online hunter education course.

Be sure to keep safe and obey the law, this hunting season.


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