“I am an avid outdoorsman and a law-abiding gun owner. I know that taking guns away from responsible citizens and infringing on their Second Amendment right is not the answer. In the Georgia House I will continue to vote to protect the rights of gun owners across Georgia. I’m asking for your vote on May 22 to continue to protect the Second Amendment.” – David Knight

I am proud to announce my endorsements from the National Rifle Association and Georgia Carry.

Vote May 22 to Protect the 2nd Amendment

Early voting is now available and runs until May 18. Find your early voting poll location here.

1. Stop Limiting Rights of Responsible Gun Owners

As an avid sportsman and a law-abiding gun owner, I own guns for protection and sport. I know that limiting the rights of responsible gun owners is not the solution to reducing violence. I will always stand up for your Second Amendment rights.

2. A Gun Rights Leader in the Georgia House

I am the chairman of the House Committee on Game, Fish, and Parks where I work for legislation that will expand gun rights for hunters and sport. I am also the Chairman of the House Sportsmen’s Caucus.

3. Expanding Concealed Carry Rights

In the Georgia House, I have voted to expand the rights of law-abiding gun owners by voting to authorize concealed carry on college campuses and institutions of higher education. College students deserve the same right to protect themselves.

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