HB 243 Will Protect Local Businesses

HB 243 Will Protect Local Businesses

HB 243 became effective on July 1 and it will prevent Georgia small businesses from imposing predictive scheduling mandates. By setting employee’s schedules in advance, employers will no longer have the ability to use employees for extra work without paying them, even if the extra event, reservation, etc. is canceled.

This bill is spearheaded by Rep. Bill Werkheiser and strongly supported by Governor Nathan Deal. Although local governments are currently prohibited from intervening with certain business affairs such as health, sick, and retirement benefits, HB 243 is the first official initiative to include employee scheduling. This bill seeks to contribute to and benefit local businesses by helping them create more jobs. Additionally, this bill seeks to improve the overall economy and rate of small business success in Georgia. By doing so, local businesses will be protected and developed.

As a member of the Small Business Development Committee, the future of Georgia small businesses is very important to me as it is our goal to see them flourish and create more jobs. I commend our state’s efforts to protect our local businesses and fully support House Bill 243. I look forward to seeing the changes and developments this bill provides.

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